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We at Harini Infomatic offer services that help our customers in sustaining through the competitive environments. Our team has adopted new technologies that can help in the optimization of the resources to achieve the maximum profit. We use the latest tools and technology which is used to convert the raw data in needed format. In addition to this, our team uses cutting edge technology for ranking your business.

Health Care -RCM

The Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services & Solutions are a dynamic system of all operational and clinical procedures needed to monitor, handle and raise money for medical services offered to patients.

Harini Infomatic and its professional team of skilled professionals are responsible for billing and coding, handling health claims, control of healthcare denials, diagnosis review made by qualified coders, clinical practice management while keeping you updated about the quality of your practice / financial statements.

The experts at Healthcare Services companies in Chennai will simplify your payment by removing errors, streamlining workflows, lowering data entry mistakes, improving codes and, most importantly, presenting claims without delay.

Our knowledgeable accounts specialists at Healthcare Services companies in Chennai are trained to understand the appropriate response to the wide range of refusals that arise while the RCM Outsourcing.

That’s why we’re taking a solution strategy for the Healthcare RCM services that focuses first on comprehending those requirements and the particular outcomes that you’re trying to achieve, and on implementing the recommended practice model to achieve those outcomes.

Inbound Services

Harini Infomatic is an established and skilled Inbound IT Enabled Services service provider company in India with a good experience providing a wide variety of professional services. In addition to inbound call center outsourcing support and services, we also offer data entry, OCR conversion, data management and much more.

We have huge teams for each project to provide you with the best quality of service at the least expensive rate. We have a committed and knowledgeable team of professionals who provide Inbound Call Centre outsourcing Support and services by creating a positive picture of your business. We ensure immediate call answer, professional reply, professionalism, and context-specific response.

We implement the comprehensive QA method of all recorded phone calls. We outsource your Inbound sales services by ensuring the best level of accuracy in supplying our clients with responses and maintaining the privacy of our client’s business data.

Outbound Services

Harini Infomatic understands that outbound support solutions are crucial for all the business’ customer services. Outbound Call Centre service providers ensure successful marketing calls, customer-led follow-up, responsive customer support, productive delivery of market research surveys, and other marketing and business activities, all of which are key drivers of an organization’s successful marketing.

We provide a wide range of outbound support solutions which guarantee that companies are able to improve their sales support by increasing their operating performance. Harini Infomatic has good experience in supporting companies in their customer support and marketing efforts.

We have the skills and capabilities to successfully support companies in providing outstanding telemarketing services. We have the experience to give you the leading solutions which will improve your business, as we conduct market studies and analysis which will help us generate leads that have high conversion rates.

Other Services

Harini Infomatic incorporates new technology with experienced workers to provide consumers with the best customer service of email and chat support. These have now grown into two of the most important ways of exchanging vital information in real-time, thus impacting customer relations.

Apart from this, our team also provides technical support that helps in ensuring complete payment collection. We also provide our clients with follow-up services for appointment booking.

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